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What are you loving right now?

A question we're all used to answering these days. Cooped up in our own homes and spending more time than usual in our heads we all, understandably, are seeking fresh and new things to do and see.

Here's what I'm currently digging:

Spider-Man (PS4)


Whew. I haven't been caught up in a platformer like this in a while.

From the recommendation of my bud Randy (SHOUT OUT), I picked this up on sale for $30USD during the Summer Sale with all the DLC.

Pro Tip: If you can, wait, to purchase digital games. They ALWAYS go on sale, usually with all the content you shell out 5-15 dollars a piece for when they're new.

I've played pretty much all the console Spider-Man games over the years and this feels like the culmination of that journey, plus the benefits of highly successful games like Infamous: Second Son. If I had to elevator pitch this game I'd say "Take Infamous: Second Son, add in perfectly crafted Spidey characters and story, mix, perfect the main Spidey moves. Baked till slim and quippy."

Battles are fun, yet challenging (even for an old Spidey pro like me) and kept interesting through a variation of enemy types, hero and enemy gadgets, and the changing of elevation of fights. You fight like Spidey, the way he would fight, where he would fight.

The animations are gorgeous, and our friendly neighborhood spider has caught the fashion bug with some of the dopest spider costumes I've seen in a game (including some drool worthy Avengers nods).

I May Destroy You (HBOMax)


Unexpected. Powerful. Hilarious. Heartbreaking.

I don't know if I have a large enough vocabulary to express my love for Michaela Cole. A Hollywood multi-specialist, she gives a grounded and relatable performance unlike I've seen in a long time.

Centered around Arabella (Cole), and her two closest mates, we walk through the events of her life following a night that she can't quite remember. Part of the allure was the mystery of where things lead so I won't say too much more...

...but the journey you then take with these three will be unforgettable.

Supernatural (Oculus Quest)


I've spent many, many, MANY years trying to create a sustainable workout routine. Apps, gadgets, mantras, posters, new clothing as motivation (worked better than I thought it would)...but nothing has sparked my quest for fit like picking up the Oculus Quest.

Supernatural has been the gem in my Oculus crown for most of the COVID-19 sheltering since March.

What started out as slightly better than what I experienced with Beat Saber has really blossomed into an app that I want to come back to everyday and crush. Melding my two love, video games and fitness, has been a game changer for me.

You can definitely expect to see a more in-depth, follow up post soon.

b7 - Brandy


Brandy has been "getting me" musically since my teens and, fun fact, I used to have a huge (misdirected) crush on Brandy...but it turns out that was a love of her passion for music.

It's been a minute since B has been on the scene, but I sure as hell couldn't tell.

b7 is a phenomenal album with Brandy sounding better than ever.

The beats are on point. Mama has something to say. Her voice is as rich, and technical, as ever. There are very few artists that can build a chord and use it as a whole other instrument.

Standout Tracks

Unconditional Oceans

No Tomorrow

High Heels (featuring Sy'rai, Brandy's daughter, on her first track)

Black Parade (Extended Version) - HRM Beyoncé


Her Royal Majesty, Beyoncé, took the already fire single and slapped on a few add-ons, and I'm ABSOLUTELY HERE FOR IT.

Since I was blessed with Homecoming, anytime I hear Bey and a band I'm transported back to my high school marching band days. Dutifully rocking my clarinet as hard as my little body could I never dreamed of a day when the marching band sound would be catapulted to such a level...and with SWAG.

I think Jay said it best, "This is black superhero music!"

Yes, Jay. It sure is.



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