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Adventure is Out There!

On mornings like these, when I am feeling especially joyous and connected to life, my brain lights up. I've been learning to lean into these moments in a variety of ways with one of them being watching TED (Technology Education & Design) talks.

Each talk can be anywhere from a few minutes up to about an half hour on average centered around the titular three areas. The format is a presenter using visual and audio aides of their choosing to get their points across. I've seen some pretty astonishing things over the years from full audience participatory moments to soul baring stories where strangers all cried together.

For me, there's something about a TED talk to lights up my mind and spirit. I can feel the electricity of discovery, curiosity, and excitement. TED talks have pulled me up from not wanting to move from the couch. They have also been there for me in moments like now where I feel plugged in.

Wherever you currently are, I hope that one of these can help your mind and spirit go on a quick journey unlocking a bit more wonder.



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