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Who's Gonna Love You, Baby?

Hazy from a recent night's bout with insomnia I slowly sauntered into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee to perk up this cold overcast morning.

While making the coffee, I almost instinctively said aloud to myself, "I wish someone would make me coffee." I knew that I actually meant, "I wish someone else would make me coffee" but I thought instead about the words that came out of my mouth.

I chuckled aloud at the absurdity of the moment. I was in the middle of me doing something caring for myself and couldn't see the love and care that showed.

How many times have I wished for acts of service, proclamations of love, sex from others completely ignoring how I can give myself those very same things? Countless, but that perception has made a major shift resulting in recognition of this love all around me.

Me showing up to work when I don't feel like it? That's self love.

Pushing back on a friend who says something that I don't agree with? Self love.

Masturbation and fantasy? Definitely self love, not only physically but mentally.

Making coffee because I feel tired and want a little boost. That's self love y'all.

So next time you ask yourself why others aren't doing for you, pause. Then, take a few more pauses because you didn't actually pause the first time (I'm talking to you, Henry). What things have you done for yourself because you're aware they'll brighten your day, bring much needed energy, or recharge your batteries? In the answer you'll find that you're already a self love champion and may have not even realized it. The more you realize that, the more love you will give not only to yourself but to others.



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