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The Elements of Freedom

I’ve been working hard on updating this little site with all this crackling energy that’s been coursing through me over the past few days. Many of these changes are ones I’ve envisioned since the beginning, and seeing then realized has been pretty impactful for me.

I have been hesitant to tell some folks about it because I’m afraid they won’t feel it’s as special, or as good, as I do but my inner voice keeps reminding me of why I did this in the first place: so I’d have a place, all my own, to share myself. Not Instagram. Not Facebook. Not GoodReads. Just me.

Past me would have let that fear stop him from action, but now I do it anyway as a test. A test to see if my imagination and the story I wrote about what's going to happen was actually true. Spoiler alert, I'm better at writing a story that blocks me from action than I am at predicting the future. I'm constantly surprised at how different life is when it's lived and not just forecasted. Walking into this unknown has given me a real sense of freedom from the trappings of what my own mind can do to get in my way by trying to protect me.

As tends to happen to me, a beautiful lesson floated right in front of me in the form of an Instagram post by one of my faves, Morgan Harper Nichols, and her beautiful words struck right at the heart of what I was thinking and going through.

If I could called anyone a "lightworker", or someone who consistently shines a light on my journey through life, it is Morgan. I am grateful for the lesson she's helping with me with this chilly morning.



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