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The End is the Beginning

I think a lot about the "whys" in life. Earlier in my life, it was born out of a need to do everything right and please as many people as I could. What's safer than having everyone love you? They'll fight for you, think of you, and even do all the things that you expect that you're not asking them for! (or so went my thinking).

My deep questioning these days comes from a place of true interest and curiosity. The surprising part is the curiosity extends even outside myself and I've been interested in discovering more the nuances in people, even the ones closest to me.

It's in this deep examination that I found myself questioning what my website was. What was I was intending to put out into the world? If there was no real intent, how could I pull it more into alignment with how I like to live life? My meditation practice is really showing itself here because each time I would come back to the site I felt like something was wrong. Yes, it looked pretty close to my vision...but it wasn't a place that I, myself, would come back to regularly. In this way, the blog was just as mysterious as life. Not to mention, the upkeep for all the custom stuff I wanted to do was getting unwieldy.

So we're going back to basics.

I started this blog with the intent to share all the things that I love including musings, sayings, insights, movies, games, and music. There is nothing more that gets me singing than sharing what I've learned, connected to, and love with anyone who's interested so I'm going to get back to that.



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