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Step by Step

I love making playlists, but it's really challenging for me to sit down create a whole list in a single sitting. Among the many things I've been learning over the past five years getting to know myself better is listening to what is right for me and not trying to do something to way I think it "should be done".

So I thought to myself, how can I make a playlist that is truly reflective of my intentions going into making it?

Enter probably one of my finest playlists to date.

This playlist was created over the past few months, September up till now, with songs that have felt like fall to me. The emotions, events, struggles, failures...all of those things go into the song choice. As far as playlists go, this is one of the truest reflections of the world through my eyes and ears.

It feels nice, reflecting on the work I did. Listening to the story that was woven moment by moment I am struck by it's relative to life. it's reflection of how my attitude towards living has shifted. Instead of focusing on being seven steps ahead I have found a way to calm my spirit down so I can be here in the moment.

I think of so many times in the past I was told that I was "somewhere else" or I "wasn't here" with this person or that, and I realize that I had no idea because I didn't even know what being in the moment meant. I had spent so long anticipating the needs of others, those I both loved and hated, that what was happening in the moment couldn't even be seen.

The theme song for the 90s show Step by Step came to mind just now and it's lyrics are a nice summary of what I'm feeling in the moment:

"Step by step, day by day

A fresh start over, a different hand to play

The deeper we fall, the stronger we stay

We'll be better, the second time around"


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Shakyra White
Shakyra White
Nov 14, 2020

Love this. Honest and genuine words.

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