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New Playlist: Fall 🍁

I'm always thinking about new and different ways to categorize the music that I love for myself, and sharing it with others.

I've had different vibes, subject matter, moods...but never seasonal. The shedding of the leaves in fall is the perfect backdrop to starting something new.

Starting today, I will collect my favorite tracks into seasonal collections released in the third week of the following months:

Fall: Sept

Winter Dec

Spring: Feb

Summer: May

Historically, fall isn't one of my favorite months. Now that I don't really do Halloween, it mostly turns into the season of Thanksgiving, my favorite family shared holiday. I can already taste my grandma's Mac and cheese, my older sister's Swedish meatball, and all that meat and carbs I can fit on a single disposable plate (because we don't have time for dishes on a day like that).

With COVID-19 holding a firm grip on our lives, I'm starting to think I may want or be able to spend these upcoming holidays.

Whatever that ends up being, I'm thankful for my family, this platform, and the opportunity to share my fall playlist with you.



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