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Never as big as the ocean

I hit a great vibration this morning.

There are these mornings where I wake up from sleeping feeling almost immediately alert, and today was one of those. I ambled into my morning mediation to get my body awake to match my mind, and when I exited my meditation I took a little more time to settle into the feeling. That's something I'm working with and on...integrating the experience of my body and mind.

This work can be tricky because I've cultivated a strong mind, both in will and sense of order.

After wrapping up in my favorite blanket, hoodie, and sweats on the couch I felt a tremendous sense of energy. Not I need to get up and do something energy but what I would describe as mental energy. My thoughts became clear but also a simmering background track and I was compelled to head outdoors.

Now, I haven't been going outside a whole lot over the COVID sheltering here in California. We've had our ups and downs with compliance like most of the U.S. Thankfully, to a lesser degree in many aspects I feel. Affirms my choice to live here. On top of COVID, we've been handling fires and the smoke, property damage, and displacement that comes with it. All in all, I don't feel compelled to go out and be out like I used to. Adding a wonderful cherry on top of my energetic mood the morning was sunny, bright, and warm. I'm unsure how it could be any more inviting.

I plopped down in one of two of my backyard chairs, freshly moist with the dew of the morning air. Through the gulps of coffee I settled into the waves of thoughts passing through my mind, a feeling that I'm used to at that point after approaching five years of mediation practice. This state is one of my favorite places and I could feel in that moment a bit of sadness and longing. I felt and thought so much that I looked over at the other chair across from me and wanted it filled.

That's when I knew I wanted to be outside. So I went on a walk.



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