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It Gets Me Every Time

The album Making Mirrors by Gotye is a very special one to me. The album came to me at a time in my life when I was so overwhelmed by the amount of love I was surrounded by while also desperately seeking a romantic love that always seemed to be just outside my reach.

Save Me is one of the final tracks on the album and, to me, is about feeling incomplete then being awestruck how the kindness of another person could make you want better for yourself.

As a lover of concerts, and seeing my favorite artists live, I snapped up the chance to see Gotye at the wonderful Bayfront Amphitheater in Miami, FL many years ago where I first saw this video.

Gotye is a lover of art so each of the songs in his show was accompanied by a video that expressed the narrative of the song in some creative way. I remember hearing the initial chords of the song and goosebumps shooting across my body. The visuals of the video so completed my own narrative for the song it was like a wave. I got emotional there, on a breezy and warm weekday evening sharing this moment with one of my most special friends.

I watched this video again this morning, trudging slowly through my morning routine.

I'm immediately taken back to that place. To those emotions and memories. The emotion I now feel is compassion and caring for me then. So desperate for something that was all around. I also feel joyous for the beautiful moments I have had since then with this song, video, and album.


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