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Friday Fire 🔥 Oct 2, 2020

I've been thinking, "What's the best way to collect all the music I'm finding and share it?" and I realized it already existed. My favorite day of the week. New music Friday, or the day that albums are historically released on physical media and now (mostly, Beyonce) released digitally.

So without further ado...

Dorian Concept - The Jitters

I remember Dorian Concept for their sometimes chill, others frenetic, jazz fusion sound and this album hit that same sweet spot for me. I actually put this one while I was meal planning for the week and it was great.

Tori Kelly - Solitude -EP

Tori Kelly can sing her ass off, you here me. There is a soul in her voice that reminds me of Jojo (another song slayer). If you love vocalists, and you love singer songwriters you're gonna love this.



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