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Friday Feels

You know those days when you just have a song in your head that's your whole ass mood? This morning for me it was Island Life by Janet Jackson.

Anyone who knows me probably knows how big of a Janet fan I am. Most of my major memories are connected to her fashion, music, story, or direct impact on my life. One of my all time favorite memories is a night when my mom was off to see the Rhythm Nation tour when I was a kid back in the 80s.

Little Henry loved his mom, loved Janet partially because his mom did, but also saw so much of Janet in his mother. To his delight, this particular night Ma decided to dress up in the Rhythm Nation uniform worn by Janet in the now historic long form video down to the key earring detail. Little me was distraught at the thought that I couldn't go. I remember this feeling clearly to this day. I later learned that the power went out during the show due to an intense thunderstorm that was the backdrop for the night. Only part of the show was completed.

I had this in mind when I saw an opportunity about a year ago to complete that night for both me and my mom.

Janet was doing her Metamorphosis residency in Las Vegas, and it was nearing the end of it's run serendipitously near my (and Janet's ) birthday. I picked up tickets for my mom and I to finish the Janet experience we didn't get all those years ago. To make it extra special, we got to meet Janet after the show. I thought my heart might explode watching my mom finally get to meet and talk with Janet.

So much so I completely bonked out when I got my turn and couldn't say anything to her other than "The show was amazing" repeatedly. I have never been at a loss for words in that way before. Thank goodness my little sister was there with me. I may have fainted or something. Ha.

You bet your ass that my next opportunity to meet Janet I'll keep my words about me so I can extoll to her just how deep of an impact she's had on my life.

...but for now, on this Friday, enjoy one of my favorite Janet albums named after her middle name.



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