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Finding a little Community

I woke up this morning, hung over from the feelings of sadness and worry from this past week. The ruling of Breonna Taylor’s murderers mixed with my escalating worries about the possible not-peaceful translation of power if the presidency changes hands in November have left me dizzy. Reeling.

The arts have always been my balm for this while I work through and somehow I stumbled on this cast reading of a Community episode from a few months back. I don’t have a long history with the show but the cast is incredible and I have loved the episodes I’ve seen.

It’s hilarious and put a smile on my face and hopefully it can do the same for you.

Another way I make it through times like this is to give to others and I was happy to donate to the World Central Kitchen, a fundraiser that the virtual table read supported. I’m also a regular supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement for all the work that they do. If you watch above and love what you see, or share the frustrations over my treatment in this world and people like me you can find links to donate below.



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