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Dear Diary

The longer I journal, the more I find it's pretty revelatory.

I have been keeping journals ever since I was a teenager. I had a lot of feelings and I remember thinking, mostly because of my deep love of music and how it spoke to me, that I should try writing. I wrote poems, and did some journaling during my roughest periods but I didn't tend to write much when I was happy. Even in writing this now, I can see how that spoke to a deeper lever of how I was dealing with things.

I kept up my journaling in late high school, then moving to the computer when we finally got one in our house. I was obsessed with that computer. An obsession to led me to work in technology to this day...but it also allowed me to easily write long form journal entries without my hand cramping.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, because I've never felt the need to share this with anyone until now, but my hand cramps really easily when I right. I might have poor grip strength...but I'm actually pretty sure that's not it. I can remember feeling this since I was a kid. I think I was told once that I was taught to grip the writing utensil too firmly which I believe. Sucks though because it's not an easy thing to retrain yourself how to write.

One of the things I've loved most about keeping a journal electronically was the ability to keep incalculable entries and to easily reference them. As a deep analytical thinker, I am constantly pulling up things in the catalog in my head and taking strolls through the halls of. my knowledge. It's one of the reasons I could see my knowledge of music, tv, and tech has developed the way it has. I love the feeling of digging into my knowledge and making connections.

I took one of those strolls this morning reflecting on this current moment in my life, a new big journey. When I'm in these moments, great ends or beginnings especially, I like to jump back to years past on this day and see what I wrote. Incredibly, I find that I'm amazing to writing deeply how I feel and making amazing conclusions. There is an intuitive nature to my writing, even this, where I like to let it flow and just publish as is.

I bet this intuitive quality is something that journaling brings out in all of us.



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