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Hello, there!

You've made it to my little spot on the internet! I wanted to have a place that was all mine where I could share what I love and think about which became a site called "InsideInsight" back when I was in college. From it's ashes was Honor Thy Henry and The Analytical Vegan. 

My Story

Growing up on the north and south east coast of the US, I've experienced all ranges of cooking from full prep only to homemade ingredients from fresh sources. Prior to 2018, my overworked mind couldn't grasp cooking or how it could be enjoyable.

As an experiment after a hard conversation about my blood pressure, I decided to try vegan meals at work that sounded tasty and slowly ate more of a plant based diet. 

Covid-19 quarantine really gave me the moment to slow down and figure out how I could learn to cook while staying plant based and two years later I feel like I'm energized by the base of skills I've built up and ready to share with others.

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